AFRA High Level Steering Committee for HRD and NKM

AFRA Member States implement a regional strategy in human resource development (HRD) and nuclear knowledge management (NKM) through the AFRA Network for Education in Nuclear Science and Technology (AFRA-NEST). A High Level Steering Committee on HRD and NKM, which oversees these important initiatives in the region, has been formed. A harmonized curriculum for the AFRA Masters Degree in Nuclear Science and Technology has been adopted as a minimum standard for awarding such a degree in the region. A process to recognize Regional Designated Centres (RDCs) in Professional and Higher Education has been initiated to cater for the needs of Member States that do not yet have the capacity to present the curriculum. A follow-up to a high priority project has been approved for the period 2014-2016 to enable students to attend RDCs through fellowship programmes.

The AFRA programme is also supporting the establishment of International Nuclear Information System (INIS) Centres for new AFRA Member States, as well as enhancing existing national facilities to assist AFRA Member States to access reliable, trustworthy nuclear information resources to support national and regional nuclear activities and programmes, to preserve national nuclear literature and to exchange expertise and share resources in the field of nuclear information processing.

Programme Management Committee (AFRA-HLSC)

Prof James H.P. Kahindi (Chair) (Kenya)

Prof Yaw Sefor-Armah (Ghana)

Dr Lydia-Ndinelao Horn (Namibia)(Chair)

Dr Cheikh Becaye Gaye (Egypt)

Dr Moktar Abacci (Algeria)