AFRA Partnership Building and Resource Mobilization Committee

The full implementation of the AFRA programme in any year requires the mobilization of resources from AFRA Member States as well as from development partners. Following the Aswan Declaration and Plan of Action adopted on the 29th November 2007, the AFRA Member States re-affirmed the AFRA resource mobilization strategy.

To fulfil its goal and objectives, AFRA will have as its cornerstones the principle of self-help whereby Member States voluntarily contribute resources to ensure sustainability of viable programmes. AFRA project documents shall be well designed and formulated to be need-driven. A key element in resource mobilization is the power of communication. AFRA therefore needs to strategize its communications to demonstrate its commitment to enhance peaceful application of nuclear science and technology. The technical cooperation between developing countries modality has been proven effective in the past and AFRA shall promote and make use of this modality in all its cooperative projects. As the AFRA Programme expands the need has been recognized that Partnership Building is a central challenge for the AFRA countries. To this end it has been proposed that a special committee AFRA Partnership Building and Resource Mobilization Committee (AFRA-PBRMC) be formed to build partnership and mobilize resources (material, technical and financial) for projects.

The mission of the AFRA-PBRMC is to build partnerships with relevant regional, international and financial institutions, development partners and also to mobilize resources, ensuring that Member States contribute voluntarily, to support AFRA activities and implement its projects.

The activities of the AFRA-PBRMC shall be in support of the AFRA Fund Raising Strategy which has been adopted by AFRA Member States.

AFRA-PBRMC should prepare an Annual Action Plan for AFRA partnership building and resource mobilization including a communication strategy, to be submitted to the AFRA Technical Working Group Meeting (TWGM) through the AFRA Chairperson at least 45 days before the TWGM. The Action Plan shall be reviewed by the TWGM for recommendation for adoption and budget allocation by the AFRA Representatives.

AFRA-PBRMC should determine, together with the AFRA-Project Management Committee, the AFRA programme resources requirements and initiate necessary actions for the mobilization of resources for the full implementation of the programmes. The committee also should liaise with regional and international organizations and the private sector to establish partnerships for growth and development of the AFRA programmes and develop and distribute relevant AFRA promotional materials including brochures, fact sheets and pamphlets.

Partnership Building and Resource Mobilization Committee (AFRA-PBRMC)

Dr Catherine Kasongo Mwaba (Chair)  (Zambia)

Mr Wilfrid Chrysante Solofoarisina (Madagascar)

Ms Einas Hamid Osman Bashier (Sudan)