The functions of the Technical Working Group shall be to:​​​​​​

  • Determine details for the implementation of each cooperative project in accordance with its objectives;
  • Establish and amend, as necessary, the portion of the cooperative project to be assigned to each participating Government, subject to the consent of that Government;
  • Supervise the implementation of the cooperative project; and to make recommendations to the Meeting of Representatives and to the IAEA with respect to the cooperative project, and
  • Keep under review the implementation of such recommendations.

The meeting of the Technical Working Group shall be convened by the IAEA as required and, at least, once every year.​​​​​​

The cost of attendance of the TWGM shall be borne by Member States. Exceptionally, the IAEA may bear the costs of participation (transportation and Daily Subsidence Allowances) of the National Coordinators from the African Least Developed Countries (LDCs). This IAEA contribution is meant for the officially appointed National Coordinators from LDCs and it is not extended to their representatives. Moreover, the IAEA may contribute an amount of up to $5 000 to the LDCs to help them host the TWG meetings. This contribution is meant for hospitality and management of the TWG meeting. This amount shall be adjusted at the beginning of each five-year term to take into consideration the increase in the cost of living in Africa.