Guidelines and procedures for determining the venue of Technical Working Group Meetings (TWGMs) are:​​​​​​

  • A written offer should be submitted by the Member State to the AFRA Chair with a copy to the AFRA Focal Point two months before the TWGM through the Permanent Mission;
  • All countries that have submitted offers will make presentations at the TWGM. Presentations should include the arrangements that will be made and available facilities;
  • In the event that more than one country has indicated the willingness to host the TWGM, the selection of the host country will be made by voting at the TWGM, which subsequently submit its recommendation to the Meeting of Representatives for final decision;
  • The selected country should submit an official correspondence to the AFRA Chair through its Permanent Mission to indicate its readiness to provide the administrative, financial and logistical arrangements related to the hosting the TWGM;
  • Two alternate venues will be proposed in any Member State which has not yet hosted the TWGM during the current five-year term;
  • In case the selected country cannot host the TWGM due to unforeseen events, the Member State should notify the AFRA Chair with a copy to the AFRA Focal Point through the Permanent Mission, their decision not to host the TWGM and therefore request the Chair to request the alternate country decided by the Meeting of AFRA Representatives to host the TWGM.