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The Africa Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research Development and Training related to Science and Technology (AFRA) established the AFRA Network for Education in Nuclear Science and Technology (AFRA-NEST) in order to implement AFRA strategy on Human Resource Development (HRD) and Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM). “AFRA-NEST" is a non-profit-making association pursuing a pedagogic and scientific aim, under the name of the "AFRA Network for Education in Science and Technology”. AFRA-NEST’s main objective is to facilitate operation and networking in education, training, research and outreach in nuclear science and technology (NS&T) in the African Region. AFRA-NEST will use Cyber Learning Platform for Nuclear Education and Training (CLP4NET) platform to promote online educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. African training participants are encouraged to visit CLP4NET to enhance their learning experience in different fields of nuclear science and Technology.

The first AFRA-NEST General Assembly took place from 26 to 30 August 2013 in Arusha, Tanzania, the second AFRA-NEST GA was then held from 7-11 December 2015 in Lusaka, Zambia, the 3rd General Assembly took place from 4–8 December 2017 in Cairo, Egypt. And the 4th General Assembly of AFRA-NEST was held from 14-18 August in Johannesburg, South Africa. The main objective of the General Assembly of AFRA NEST is to provide a platform for the AFRA-NEST National Coordinator to review progress and challenges and come up with implementable recommendations and action plan to enhance education and training in nuclear science and technology in Africa.

Main Functions

  • Foster sustainable human resource development and nuclear knowledge management to satisfy the needs of African countries with/without higher education and training in the priority areas of non-power and power applications of nuclear energy;
  • Collate and integrate all available data on higher education and training capabilities in Africa, as well as nuclear industries and professional associations in synergy with existing IAEA and other regional/international nuclear education and training institutions;
  • Focus on encouraging senior nuclear professionals to share their experience and knowledge with the young generation.


  • Sharing of information and materials on nuclear education and training;
  • Developing harmonized approaches for education and training in nuclear science and technology in Africa by establishing reference curricula and facilitating mutual recognition of degrees;
  • Programmes evaluation and monitoring;
  • Promoting effective cooperation and sharing of resources and capabilities at national and regional level;
  • Facilitating the exchange of students, teachers and researchers;
  • Serving as facilitator for communication between the network member organizations and other regional networks.

The strategies for implementing the objectives are:

  • To use ICT for web-based education and training;
  • Recognition of Regional Designated Centres (RDCs) for professional nuclear education in nuclear science and technology;
  • Organization of harmonized and accredited programs at tertiary levels; and
  • Awarding of fellowships/scholarships to young and brilliant students for learning and research in various nuclear disciplines.


Membership of AFRA-NEST is opened to all nuclear institutions and organizations in AFRA Member States as well as other nuclear education and training networks and bodies.

The Members of AFRA-NEST are public or private corporate bodies having a legal status and meeting the following criteria:

  • National Nuclear Research Institutions
  • Nuclear Operating Organizations
  • Universities
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Atomic Energy Commissions
    • Nuclear Energy Programme Implementing organizations (NEPIOs)
    • Nuclear Industries and any other organizations Who (That):
      • Provide academic or professional education and training in nuclear science and technology and related fields, and/or commit themselves to support AFRA-NEST;
      • Involve in the preservation, maintenance and sustainability of nuclear knowledge.

Through its regional learning management platform AFRA-NEST is to integrate all available higher education capabilities in Africa as well as the industries in nuclear professional associations in synergy with existing IAEA and other regional/international nuclear educational institutions.

AFRA-NEST is also to focus on encouraging senior nuclear professionals to share their experience and knowledge of young generation.

Two photos, side by side. On the left, a room full of attendees sat at rows of desks, many with open laptops. On the right, a gentleman stood at a lecturn, speaking into a microphone.