Procedure Guidelines

International Atomic Energy Agency

The role and the involvement of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is clearly defined in the AFRA Agreement. It provides that - on the entry into force of the Agreement - the IAEA will:

  • Assist, upon request, in the preparation of proposals submitted to it (Article III.1);
  • Notify parties of the participation in a project which is received by the IAEA (Article IV.1);
  • Invite, upon request, other IAEA Member States or international organizations to contribute to, or participate in cooperative projects (Article VIII.2);
  • Make arrangements with international organizations for the promotion and development of cooperative projects (Article XI), and
  • Carry out depositary functions (Article XIV.1).

Article VII.2 of the Agreement foresees that, subject to available resources, the IAEA will endeavour to support cooperative projects under the Agreement by means of its technical assistance and other programmes. Where such support is provided, the IAEA relevant principles, rules and procedures are to apply. Article X of the Agreement specifically provides that the IAEA is not be held responsible for the safe implementation of cooperative projects (Article IX.1) and that any assistance provided under the Agreement is to be used only for peaceful purposes in accordance with the IAEA Statute (Article IX.2).

Article VII stipulates that the IAEA shall perform secretariat duties as required under this agreement. In particular, on the basis of recommendations made by the Technical Working Group pursuant to paragraph 3 (d) of Article VI, the IAEA shall:

  • Establish annually a schedule of work and modalities for the implementation of the cooperative projects;
  • Allocate among the cooperative projects and the participating Governments the contributions made in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article V and paragraph 1 of Article VIII;
  • Assist the participating governments in the exchange of information and in compiling, publishing and distributing reports on the cooperative project, as appropriate;
  • Provide scientific and administrative support for the meetings of the Technical Working Group; and
  • Prepare annually an overall report on the activities carried out under this agreement, with particular reference to the implementation of the cooperative projects established in accordance with article III, and submit it to the Meeting of Representatives.