Accepting Applications: First African Nuclear Energy Management School

Accepting Applications: First African Nuclear Energy Management School

  • 22 April 2016

Young professionals from across Africa have until 30 June to apply to attend the Joint South Africa ­– IAEA Nuclear Energy Management (NEM) School to be held in Cape Town, South Africa from 17-28 October 2016.

“The importance and recognition of nuclear power as a sustainable and low-carbon energy source continues to grow and an increasing number of developing countries, including in Africa, are interested in adding nuclear power in their energy mix,” IAEA Deputy Director General Mikhail Chudakov has said. “The purpose of this NEM School will be to help Member States in Africa build and maintain more skilled leadership teams for the future management of their national nuclear energy programmes. A highly competent management is vital to the success at all stages of nuclear programmes.”

The Joint South Africa-IAEA NEM School will promote and foster knowledge of a wide range of issues related to the peaceful uses of nuclear technology and will provide a unique worldwide networking opportunity for future leaders and professionals in the area of nuclear energy.

The agenda of the two-week course will focus on the needs of the participating countries and their plans for nuclear power to ensure participants’ broad understanding of current issues that need to be tackled in preparation for the expanded use of nuclear technology.

IAEA and international experts will address topics such as the economics of nuclear power, energy policy and energy planning, legal aspects, knowledge management, human resource management, stakeholder involvement, current and advanced technologies, the nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear safety and security, safeguards and radiation control.

The participants will take part in a variety of teaching and training activities, including lectures, presentations, discussions, group work and visits to nuclear facilities in South Africa.

This NEM school is organized by the IAEA in cooperation with North-West University and in association with the Department of Energy of South Africa, the National Nuclear Regulator, South African energy utility Eskom, the South African Network for Nuclear Education Science and Technology and the African Network for Nuclear Education, Science and Technology.

The first IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School was launched in 2009 in cooperation with the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics. The school’s purpose is to help address the need for an expanded global cadre of nuclear professionals, brought about by the projected growth in the use of nuclear technologies – from electricity generation to medical, agricultural and industrial uses. Since then, besides the annual sessions in Trieste, Italy, regional schools have been established in the UAE, Japan and the USA.