Applying Advanced and Climate-Smart Technologies for a Food-Secure Africa

Applying Advanced and Climate-Smart Technologies for a Food-Secure Africa

  • 29 September 2023
IAEA officials, Ambassadors and Panellists at the opening session of the side-event on food security and safety in Africa: (Photo: B. Asoro / IAEA)

On 29th September 2023, a side event titled “Applying Advanced and Climate-Smart Technologies for a Food-Secure Africa” was held. It showcased the successful applications of advanced and climate-smart technologies as well as the results being achieved at the national level towards food security in Africa. It covered agricultural soil and water management, improved crop production, enhanced livestock production, the control of insect pests and improvements in food safety.

DDG-TC Mr Hua Liu, DDG-NA Ms Najat Mokhtar, Ambassador for Ghana and Chair of VbAG HE Philbert Johnson, DIR-TCAF Mr Shaukat Abdulrazak and DIR-NAFA Ms Dongxin Feng. (Photo: B. Asoro / IAEA)

“I am firmly convinced that Africa has a bright future, one where nuclear applications can play a role in increasing food security”, said Ms Najat Mokhtar, DDG NA in her opening remarks.  “Together with our work in energy, health and nutrition, and water and the environment, the Food and Agriculture programme is an important contribution towards achieving food security in Africa, and indirectly contributing to the global SDG 2 targets”, DDG-TC Mr Hua Liu remarked in his opening.

In his introductory remarks, Mr Shaukat Abdulrazak, Director of the IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Division for Africa, highlighted the existence of a robust policy framework in Africa for application of advanced and climate-smart technologies for a food-secure Africa. He also outlined some of the immediately applicable ideas towards a food-secure Africa.

The panel discussion shed the light on the IAEA food and agriculture programme that is being delivered through the combined efforts of the Technical Cooperation Department’s Division for Africa and the Joint FAO/IAEA Centre of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture. In the process, it also highlighted the niche of the IAEA in the application of peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology as viable catalysts to the achievement of the Continent’s Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goal targets.

Thuloane Tsehlo, PMO, TCAF