Initiation of Projects

Ideas for AFRA projects should be initiated by the AFRA Technical Working Group Meeting (TWGM). The ideas are discussed during the meeting of the TWGM and adopted by the majority of the participants in order to be considered as a regional development issue. Project ideas may also be initiated by the AFRA Programme Management Committee (AFRA-PMC) and supported by other sources, including other regional organizations, the IAEA, donor organizations or research institutions. The TWGM should recommend the programme of AFRA on an annual basis for approval by the Meeting of AFRA Representatives, based on the Regional Strategic Cooperation Framework.

Ideally, project ideas should develop at joint discussions, analysis and negotiation among the concerned parties; e.g. Project Coordinators from AFRA countries, IAEA Technical Officers, Project Scientific Consultants (PSCs) and AFRA National Coordinators.