• The exact nature of the services involved or goods required as well as the financial terms will be subject in each case to exchange of communications between the Focal Point of the Centre and the Member State or the IAEA in case of possible funding through the AFRA operational projects;
  • If the services to be rendered or goods to be purchased are to be funded directly by the Member State, the latter will approach the RDC for agreeing on the financial terms of the deal;
  • In case the IAEA accepts to cover the costs of the services or goods to be provided by the Regional Designated Centre (RDC), the IAEA rules and procedures which govern the provision of technical assistance shall apply;
  • In both situations mentioned above the AFRA arrangements for remuneration of experts as well as lecturers in training courses and workshops shall apply. In particular, African experts and lecturers on duty in other African countries for AFRA projects are paid the Daily Subsistence Allowances (DSA) in the duty station, contingencies and AFRA Token Fee.