Financial Situation

The AFRA programme in 2011 included a total of 25 projects representing priority areas for the region. These projects were approved under the programme cycles 2007/2008, 2009/2011 and cover various nuclear applications, all of which fall under the five thematic areas: food and agriculture, human health, water resources management, industrial applications, radiation safety and nuclear security, and self-reliance and sustainability.

The adjusted budget of AFRA for 2011 amounted to Euros 4,188,372. During the reporting period, the Government of the USA pledged an extra-budgetary contribution of Euros 538,230 to support earmarked activities under RAF/9/038 and the European Union made an extra-budgetary contribution of Euros 495,000 under RAF/4/022. Ghana made an extra-budgetary contribution of Euros 1927, as government cost sharing, under RAF/4/021, to share the costs associated with the procurement of an item. The Nuclear Security Fund (NSF) contributed Euros 66,875 to RAF/9/041. Finally, AFRA Member States contributions to the AFRA Fund made in 2009 and 2010 totaling Euros 140,242 were allocated to RAF/0/031 in support of human resource development in the region.

The financial implementation rate achieved for 2011 was 88.3%. High levels of delivery have been accomplished in most of the AFRA projects.

Fund raising activities continued through 2011 to attract the required funds from donors for the implementation of AFRA activities as planned in projects with extra-budgetary contributions. In this context, the Chairperson of AFRA wrote to potential donor countries and organizations requesting extra-budgetary contributions for AFRA projects. The Agency assisted with the preparation of project documents that were included in the requests to donors.

The voluntary contribution expected from each Member State based on the 2008 IAEA rates was endorsed by the Meeting of Representatives to mobilize the projected US$ 1,000,000 which represent 25% of the unfunded/footnote a/ portion of the programme by 2012. The total contributions of AFRA Member States to the AFRA Fund to date covering the period 2009, 2010 and 2011 is Euros 180,192.