When Needed Basis

Several initiatives have been taken to implement these new orientations, among which the establishment of specialized teams to respond at request and on “when needed basis” to regional needs related to the:

  • Technical auditing of nuclear medicine practices in AFRA countries;
  • Evaluation and management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material Wastes;
  • Maintenance and repair of gamma cameras;
  • Collection, conditioning and safe storage of spent radium sources;
  • Emergency response to radiological accidents;
  • Auditing of radiotherapy practices in AFRA countries; and
  • Investigation of the origin of leakages in dams and artificial reservoirs.

Other specialized teams are expected to be established in the years to come to respond to other regional needs of AFRA Member States.

Finally, the successful establishment of these teams is seen as the concretization of AFRA Member States’ commitment to the ideals and spirit of regional cooperation as emphasized in the AFRA Agreement and the Pelindaba Treaty (African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone) which also promotes peaceful applications of nuclear technology in Africa.