AFRA Goals

As part of its mandate to support AFRA Member States in their effort to enhance their capability and relevance to compete in the global markets, AFRA took the initiative to make available, to decision-makers and managers of Atomic Energy Commissions and National Nuclear Institutions, guidelines and indicators of sustainability to enable them to monitor progress and plan actions to pursue the path to sustainability and excellence.

Goal #1

To enhance the sustainable contribution of nuclear science and technology to meet the developmental needs and interests of Member States

Goal #2

Entrench the culture of mutual assistance and regional cooperation in the effective utilization of available nuclear expertise and infrastructure

Goal #3

Deepen the culture of nuclear safety and security at regional and national levels in the gainful exploitation of nuclear science and technology


Goal #4

Continuously interact and create awareness amongst decision makers, civil society, users and the public on the benefits of peaceful application of nuclear science and technology

Goal #5

Institute good governance and excellence in management of the activities in the region