• It is expected that specific legal arrangements shall be worked out between the recognized Regional Designation Centres (RDCs) and the AFRA Programme Management Committee (AFRA-PMC) through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which should be concluded within six months after the recognition;
  • In the event that the RDC requires the services of sub-contractors to perform the tasks under a contract with an AFRA Member State or the IAEA, written approval and/or clearance should be obtained from the recipient country or the IAEA prior to the execution of these tasks. The approval by the Member State or the IAEA of a sub-contractor shall not relieve the RDC of any of its obligations under the contract. The terms of any sub-contract shall be subject to and in conformity with the provision of this document;
  • The RDC shall not use the name, emblem or official seal of the IAEA or any abbreviation of the name of the IAEA in connection with functions and related activities. The Centre shall not present itself as a contractor or that it is associated with the IAEA in any advertisement without the prior written consent of the IAEA.