The criteria applicable to the selection of Regional Designated Centres (RDCs) are summarized as:

  • Availability of the necessary infrastructure (laboratory facilities, well-trained and skilled human resources, legal framework, etc.) at the time of application for becoming a RDC;
  • Availability of references (achievements) in the field of expertise; such as services being rendered satisfactorily at the national and, possibly, regional level;
  • Availability of logistics, communication facilities as well as capacity to rapidly mobilize teams and resources;
  • Confirmed reliability in servicing and skills in management;
  • Financial autonomy or at least solid sources of funding when required; and
  • Ability of providing leadership for interaction through linkage mechanisms, networking and use of Technical Co-operation among Developing Countries (TCDC) modality.

These criteria will be applied for the selection of each candidate institution, on the grounds of the information supplied to the relevant evaluating body in the application forms and detailed questionnaires for the field of specialization under consideration.