Country Representatives are Government officials who are authorized to commit their governments with respect to matters pertaining to the AFRA Agreement.

The IAEA shall convene a meeting of Representatives of AFRA countries at least once every year, normally in September, at the time of the General Conference of the IAEA. The cost of attendance of the meeting of AFRA Representatives shall be borne by the Parties.

The Meeting of Representatives shall:

  • Consider the Annual Report submitted by the IAEA;
  • Consider and approve the new projects recommended by the Technical Working Group Meeting (TWGM);
  • Approve the proposed programme of activities compiled by the AFRA Committees, and agree on regional priorities;
  • Review the implementation of approved projects and issues pertaining to regional cooperation;
  • Determine the conditions upon which a state/organization that is not a Party to AFRA may participate in a cooperative project;
  • Consider any other policy and strategic matters related to AFRA; in particular fund raising for the implementation of cooperative projects and issues pertaining to regional cooperation and to Technical Cooperation amongst Developing Countries (TCDC), partnership and regional integration, notably of AFRA into African Union (AU) Programmes.