Following the decision made by the High Level Policy Review Seminar (HLPRS) held in Aswan, November 2007, to support the improvement of the managerial procedures of AFRA, to increase effectiveness and efficiency and to promote full ownership of its programmes by AFRA Member States, the HLPRS proposed that the AFRA-FMC should be replaced by three committees to address high priority needs of managing the AFRA Programme.

The Statute and Terms of Reference of the AFRA High Level Steering Committee on Human Resource Development and Nuclear Knowledge Management (HLSC HRD & NKM) were already endorsed by the 18th Meeting of AFRA Representatives.

The Statutes and Terms of Reference of the AFRA Programme Management Committee (AFRA-PMC) and AFRA Partnership Building and Resource Mobilisation Committee (AFRA-PBRMC) were presented to the 19th Meeting of AFRA Representatives for endorsement.

The following organogram, as approved by the HLPRS, describes the management structure of AFRA: